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N734MG N12933 N170AT N46299 N733KC N32042 N24658 N670MA N671MA N536HF N781BG
12 December 2018
Title Time Duration Aircraft Description
Evan Balmforgh FULL DAY FULL DAY N671MA
Maintenance 12:00 AM 23 hour(s) N24658
CLEARWATER AVIATION 8:00 AM 6 hour(s), 30 minutes N536HF
First Landings 8:00 AM 6 hour(s) N733KC
David Vignola 9:00 AM 3 hour(s) N734MG
John Horan 9:30 AM 3 hour(s) N46299
Mitchell Gayne 10:00 AM 3 hour(s) N12933
Daniel Toro 10:00 AM 2 hour(s) N32042 Cancel previous booking on the 11th at 1030am
First Landings 2:00 PM 2 hour(s) N733KC
Don Frano 3:00 PM 3 hour(s) N734MG Ron Creel