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N734MG N12933 N170AT N46299 N733KC N32042 N24658 N670MA N671MA N536HF N781BG
15 July 2019
Title Time Duration Aircraft Description
100 hr (N170AT filling in) FULL DAY FULL DAY N46299
100 hr inspection 12:00 AM 23 hour(s) N24658
Maintenance FULL DAY FULL DAY N671MA
Maintenance FULL DAY FULL DAY N670MA
Kyle/Mike/Ken 6:00 AM 4 hour(s) N32042
Daniel Foster 12:00 PM 5 hour(s) N781BG Cross country time building (this should be N781BG, was accidentally assigned to N733KC)
Don Frano 2:00 PM 4 hour(s) N734MG
Juan lopez 5:00 PM 2 hour(s) N32042 Lewis and juan lopez