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N734MG N12933 N170AT N46299 N733KC N32042 N24658 N670MA N671MA N536HF N781BG
6 July 2019
Title Time Duration Aircraft Description
100 hr (N170AT filling in) FULL DAY FULL DAY N46299
Chad Haas 8:00 AM 4 hour(s) N32042 Cedar Key depending on weather otherwise Tampa for breakfast.
Matt 9:00 AM 3 hour(s) N24658
Abraham Balmori 9:00 AM 4 hour(s) N733KC XC
Dan Foster 10:00 AM 5 hour(s) N781BG Cross country time building, weather permitting
Emmanuel Cardona 11:00 AM 3 hour(s) N670MA
Matt 3:00 PM 5 hour(s) N536HF
Matt Collins 4:30 PM 4 hour(s) N170AT I need instructions for pickup, have never rented at COI before.

Also, is an online POH available so I can plan weight and balance? I have never flown a G model 172.